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The Creeper

.... and Jack Ryder

14 October
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((This is a character journal for the Creeper and Jack Ryder.))

Jack Ryder and The Creeper

My name is Jack Ryder, former tv journalist and currently radio show host... also, I share my body with the Creeper.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 194 lbs
Eyes: Brown/Red
Hair: Dark brown/Green... and red... is that real hair or fake in the boa? {Who cares?}
Alignment: Good{ish}
Special abilities: superhuman agility, strength, stamina, and healing factor; enhanced speed and reflexes; expert combatant; the laugh is damn annoying too. {Say what you like, Jack, I once managed to knock a whole group of guys out with that laugh.} Like I said, damn annoying.
Weaknesses: {Jack's a wuss.} Creeper's a psychotic.
Paraphernalia: Green thong. Red boa. Shudder in fear. {You're just jealous because you can't pull that look off.} You are not pulling that look off.
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